2010-2013 Master in Fashion Design, KADK, Copenhagen, DENMARK

2011-2012 Maternal leave

2009-2010 Teaching design, illustration, textile & patternmaking at Accademia 
Italiana, Bangkok, THAILAND

2008 Creation of my own company: including costume made design such as
evening wear // wedding gowns // capsule collections //design on demand

2007-2008 Assisting Lucio Antonucci for Pitti Filati Trend Forum, Firenze, ITALY

2005- 2008 Bachelor in Fashion Design, Accadema Italiana, Firenze, ITALY


2011 Mittelmoda finalist, Gorizia, Italy

2010 Finalist in Tommy Hilfiger Competition at DKDS, Copenhagen

2009 - 2010 Selling cloth through and Tjallamalla, Sweden.

2009 Fashion show with, Stockholm


Swedish, English, Italian, Spanish, German, (French)


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